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Mechanical magic artists

I was a Mechanical Magic Artist today. What is a mechanical magic Artist? I will tell you. Glad you asked. I turned $120 into $400 all in my front yard. Now that's magic! What am I talking about! Well, with the gas prices going up and a trip in Indy, our RV, to North Carolina in 2 weeks, I decided I would tune up and change the oil in the sub. We call our  suburban "little sub" that pulls our RV pull-behind trailer, which we call "Indy". I priced it at the dealership and it was around $400. I went to Amazon. I ordered the parts and a hat, all for $120. That was for all. Oil and filter, wires, plugs, distributor cap, rotary button, radiator flush and a Peaky Blinders hat, all for 120 bucks. So I turn $120 into 400 dollars :-) Me thinking where's the motor!! What are these where do they go? All the parts and tools. The rotary button was burnt on the end, not good for the firing. This is my studio dog/ helper.Miss Sugar Almost got stuck under there

Ok, I did it

 Ok, I did it!!! I painted left handed. I use my right hand for everything so I learned to paint right handed. I have been having problems with my right shoulder for years. In the last year it's got worse fast. It's got to the point I could hardly lift my arm above my head. When I sleep I have to be on my side to fall asleep. Well now that my left shoulder is hurting some to. I have a hard time getting any sleep. I have been to therapy for the last four weeks with little to no improvement. So operating on it looks like next action to take. That would mean no PAINTing for a couple of weeks. So I did it!!! I painted with my left hand,,,,, yay 😁 Let me know in the comments below what you think.

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